This Website is the home for the ultimate parody T-shirt. It is dedicated to mocking the on-going controversy involving the the Mascot/Logo/Name of the Washington Redskins football team.

The reality is that "Redskins" was never before, until very recently, a serious social issue. It was only after decades of political correctness ruling our popular culture that this topic was finally created by a small group of people (mostly liberals) who have nothing better about which to complain. Given the free speech implications of the recent government ruling revoking the Redskins trademark, this is also an issue with significant "slippery slope" implications.

To best illustrate the absurdity of this situation, we have created a T-shirt which replaces the "Warrior" in the Redskin logo with Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who famously once claimed, without evidence, to be a Native American in her days as a Harvard professor.

Please consider purchasing this T-shirt to send a message and share a laugh. It is of high quality and available for the VERY LOW, all-inclusive (and symbolic) price of $19.84